Pew: Nine in 10 Americans Still Believe in God or Divinity


Despite recent signs of ebbing religious faith among Americans, the vast majority still believe in God or some sort of divinity, the Pew Research Center revealed in a report Wednesday.

Even among the religiously unaffiliated in the U.S. (the so-called “nones”), a significant majority (72 percent) believe in a divinity, though often not the God as described in the Christian Bible.

While some ten percent of Americans are atheists and do not believe in any sort of divinity or higher power, 90 percent believe in a divinity or higher power of some sort and 56 percent say they believe in God “as described in the Bible,” Pew reports.

Among U.S. adults who identify as Christians, eight-in-ten say they believe in the God of the Bible, and only one-in-five say they do not believe in the biblical God but do believe in a higher power of some kind. Almost no self-identified Christians (just 1 percent) say they do not believe in any higher power at all. – READ MORE

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