Pets adopted during the pandemic are being returned at record numbers: report


Pets are not supposed to be fads.

Reports of a troubling trend have begun to surface across the country of large numbers of people returning pets that they adopted during the pandemic. Apparently, as things begin to return to normal, people are realizing that they may not be as prepared for the pet as they thought they were.

Shelters across the United States are seeing higher than average rates of returns, the BBC reports. About a year ago, these same shelters saw a spike in adoptions as people faced lockdowns due to the pandemic.

As the pandemic dies down, people are going back to the office and traveling again, which apparently means that many feel like they can no longer care for their recently adopted pets. One shelter worker who spoke with the BBC said that after the animals got used to their new homes and routines, being returned can be “so hard” for them.

Aron Jones, executive director of Moms and Mutts Colorado Rescue told Fox 31 that people have apparently had a change of heart when their schedules changed back to pre-pandemic routines. Jones described the situation as awful.- READ MORE

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