Pete Buttigieg, who supports abortion, opposes death penalty because it kills ‘defenseless’ people


Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg told The Hill this week that he opposes the death penalty in all scenarios—but his reason for that stance clashes with his defense of abortion.

Buttigieg is so set in his opposition to the death penalty, he said he would even oppose the execution of someone like accused 9/11 attack mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

“There are people who deserve to die,” Buttigieg said. “I just don’t know anybody who deserves to kill them.”

Buttigieg also said the “moral consequence of killing somebody who is defenseless for any reason goes against certainly what I’ve been taught about the way we’re supposed to treat human life.”

The mayor of South Bend, Indiana, has made his Christian faith a foundation of his campaign, using it both as a justification for some of his views, and also as a platform on which to criticize other (conservative) Christians like Vice President Mike Pence for theirs. – READ MORE

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