PETA-Style Vegans on the War Path Propose New Tax for Meat Eaters


If there’s one thing we know about liberals, it is that while claiming to be tolerant, they are far from it. In fact, they will push their agenda on anyone who disagrees with them, all in the name of tolerance. The irony is unsettling.

Now vegans, in the style reminiscent of PETA, are now proposing that we tax meat in the same way we tax cigarettes.

In a recent report by the anti-livestock farming organization Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return (FAIRR), a special tax on meat is a very real idea circulating around liberal circles.

“Could taxation of meat products be a way to mitigate these global challenges?” the report asks. “The pathway to taxation typically starts when there is global consensus that an activity or product harms society. This leads to an assessment of their financial costs to the public, which in turn results in support for some form of additional taxation. Taxes on tobacco, carbon and sugar have followed this playbook.”

First of all, taxes in the United States have nothing to do with a “global consensus.” They are generally determined by the United States Congress and state elected officials. Liberals might not like the idea, but that’s how a representative democracy operates. Second of all, there’s a global consensus that meat is harmful to society? That’s news to us. – READ MORE

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