People Are Laughing at Trump for Saying the ‘Moon Is a Part’ of Mars, But Here’s What He Really Meant


The president caused a stir on Friday when he, at first glance, appeared to suggest the Moon belongs to Mars — but that’s not exactly what he meant.

Crunching down his words into one tweet, President Donald Trump fired off criticism at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) efforts to return to the Moon, which led some to believe he thinks the Moon is a part of the planet Mars.

In discussing some of NASA’s latest plans, Trump tweeted on Friday that they “should NOT be talking about going to the Moon,” and instead focus on “much bigger thing” such as Mars, which he said “the Moon is a part.”

People on social media were quick to pounce on the president, taking his poorly phrased tweet out of context.

However, when Trump said the “the Moon is a part” of Mars, he was likely referring to moon exploration, which is part of NASA’s “Moon to Mars” plan to make a permanent residence on the Moon, with a long-term goal of exploration to Mars. – READ MORE

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