Pence To Reporters After Trump Walks Out Of Meeting With Dems: ‘There Will Be No Deal Without A Wall’


After the contentious meeting between President Trump and Democrat leaders on Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence fired back when he was asked a series of questions from reporters eager to know whether the president had lost his temper, since Trump had walked out of the meeting.

Asked how it helped that the president walked out of the room, Pence responded:

I think that the president made his position very clear today, that there will be no deal without a wall. There will be no deal without the priorities the president has put on the table. But if you could look at the proposal that the president directed us to offer this weekend after spending two days with senior staff, two meeting with senior leadership, it reflects Democrat priorities as well. Frankly, we continue to hear about the idea that Congress, and I know there’ll be votes tomorrow, that the house will take up bills to open portions of the government. And the president literally called the question; he said, “If I opened up the government quickly, would you agree to border security and a wall?”

The Speaker of the House said, “No.” And at that point I think the president thought there was no longer any reason to be talking at this meeting, but as we said afterwards, and we’ve had conversations with the leaders before they left, is, we hope they will come back to the table. I’d say to every American looking on who shares our frustration, call your Congressman. Call your senator. If you think the Democrats should be negotiating in good faith to resolve this partial government shutdown, and to address the humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border, then you ought to call your Congressman, call your senator, tell them to come back to the table, and I will tell you the door here at the White House is wide open; we’re ready to sit down with these leaders and with Democratic leaders and resolve this issue.READ MORE

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