Pence: ‘No More Pallets of Cash to the Mullahs in Iran’ (VIDEO)


Vice President Mike Pence declared during remarks to the Christians United for Israel Conference on Monday that there will be no more “pallets of cash” for the Iranian regime.

“There will be no more pallets of cash to the mullahs in Iran,” Pence said.

Last year, President Donald Trump announced the United States withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and imposed sanctions on the country. Since then, the Trump administration has reimposed crippling sanctions against Iran. The sanctions have targeted Iran’s ballistic missile program to its business deals with Europe. Iran responded by threatening retaliation against the U.S.

“The previous administration’s so-called deal didn’t prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, it simply delayed it for roughly a decade. In exchange, the deal gave away billions of dollars in cash sanctions really Iran has used the phone more terrorist attacks on innocence across the region,” Pence said. – READ MORE

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