Pence: Media Is ‘Overwhelmingly Biased’ in Favor of Electing Hillary Clinton


Republican vice-presidential candidate Gov. Mike Pence slammed the media as being “overwhelmingly biased in favor” of Hillary Clinton in an interview Wednesday night on Fox News.

Fox News host Sean Hannity cited Media Research Center research showing networks covered Trump’s so-called gaffe about “Second Amendment people” stopping Clinton five times as much as Seddique Mateen, a Taliban sympathizer and the father of the Orlando nightclub shooter, attending a Clinton rally and endorsing her.

“The media is overwhelmingly biased in favor of electing Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States,” Pence said. “I have to tell you, the connection that Donald Trump has made to people all across this country from every background is amazing to behold at these rallies. I think people are seeing through the media bias. They’re ignoring it, because they really do hear in Donald Trump the kind of message that will rebuild our military, have America standing strong in the world, release the full potential of the American economy and maybe most important of all, make sure that the next president making appointments to the Supreme Court of the United States will appoint conservative justices who will uphold our Second Amendment and all of the God-given liberties enshrined in our Constitution.” – READ MORE

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