Pelosi sour over booming economy, calls for more government programs


No economic news during the Trump presidency will make Nancy Pelosi happy.

The House Speaker reacted negatively to the April jobs report that found a 3.6 percent unemployment rate and record results for women and African-Americans.

“The April jobs report numbers show some promising news, yet these gains hide the true weight of the economic uncertainty felt by millions of hard-working Americans,” Pelosi said in a statement.

“Unfortunately, the evidence shows that most of the economic gains continue to benefit those already well-off. We must do more to ensure that the economy is benefiting every family in every community, and that all Americans have the opportunity to move ahead in our economy.”

She huffed, “Republicans’ shameful special interest agenda continues to undermine the health and financial security of middle class families across the country,” before attacking Republican efforts for tax relief and lifting Obamacare burdens.

She went on to call for higher government spending and more social programs to “pave the way for progress for all families, in all communities for generations to come.”

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