Pelosi, Schumer expected to meet with Trump amid battle over border funding


Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will meet with President Trump next week, Fox News has learned, as the Democratic Party prepares to regain control of the House and likely bring greater scrutiny to Trump’s agenda.

The meeting between is expected to take place Tuesday morning.

A list of possible topics has not been released, but year-end appropriations to fund several departments, including Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development and the Justice Department, will most likely be discussed, as the Dec. 7 deadline approaches to avoid a partial government shutdown.

Schumer, the Senate minority leader from New York, blames Trump for holding up spending talks, as tensions heat up over border security spending.

“Seven bipartisan appropriations bills are hanging in the balance for one reason and one reason only: President Trump,” Schumer said on the Senate floor, according to Politico. – READ MORE

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