PEAK VOX: Trump Might Strip Muslims Of Rights If A Manchester-Style Attack Happens Here


President Donald Trump would probably take away Muslim-American’s rights if a bombing happened here, a Vox article argued Friday.

The Vox piece, “What it if happened here?,” imagines the Manchester bombing happening in the United States and how Trump would react to it.

“But what if Monday’s attack had happened not in Manchester, but in Minneapolis? What if it wasn’t May responding, but President Donald Trump? Would he work to calm an anxious public and prevent anti-Muslim violence — or would he push for policies that would make a bad situation worse?” author Zack Beauchamp pondered.

Beauchamp admits that Trump toned down his rhetoric towards Muslims while in Saudi Arabia, and that Americans have yet to see how he would deal with a terrorist attack on American soil. Despite this concession, however, Beauchamp argues that Trump would probably go back to his old self and make inflammatory remarks about Muslims should a bombing happen in America.

“It’s likely that Trump will return to this rhetoric — and perhaps even use it to try to justify a new executive order — in the event of a future attack. It’s likely that he’d do it even if the perpetrator weren’t actually an immigrant or refugee,” Beauchamp wrote.

Trump might even go so far as to restrict Muslim’s freedoms, Beauchamp surmises.

“That’s because it’s clear from the totality of Trump’s comments that his counterterrorism instincts lean toward policies that restrict the freedom of Muslims in general, regardless of whether they’d have prevented a specific attack. Imagine if Trump saw footage of dead American children on cable news — and this time, they’d been massacred in a terror strike under his watch,” Beauchamp wrote.

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