Pay Negotiations Break Down Between U.S. Soccer, Women’s Team


Mediation over a dispute in pay between the U.S. Soccer Federation and the U.S. National Women’s Team dissolved Wednesday with no resolution in sight.

Yahoo News reported Wednesday night that players from the women’s team ended the negotiations, blaming the USSF.

“We entered this week’s mediation with representatives of full of hope,” said Molly Levinson, spokeswoman for women’s team in their lawsuit. “Today we must conclude these meetings sorely disappointed in the Federation’s determination to perpetuate fundamentally discriminatory workplace conditions and behavior.”

Neil Buethe, spokesman for USSF, countered Levinson’s statement and blamed the women’s team for being obstinate.

“We have said numerous times that our goal is to find a resolution, and during mediation we had hoped we would be able to address the issues in a respectful manner and reach an agreement,” Buethe said in a statement to Yahoo. “Unfortunately, instead of allowing mediation to proceed in a considerate manner, plaintiffs’ counsel took an aggressive and ultimately unproductive approach that follows months of presenting misleading information to the public in an effort to perpetuate confusion.” – READ MORE

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