Paul Rodriguez: ‘Cowards Threatening My Life’ Because Of Trump Support (VIDEO)


If someone could manufacture a celebrity specifically to send the left into convulsions, Latino comedian Paul Rodriguez would be that celebrity. Not only is his humor acclaimed throughout both Latin America and the USA, but his celebrity activism goes far beyond the petty Twitter spats of Bette Midlerand Debra Messing: He heads up a water rights coalition in California and fights for better access.

But, he’s a Republican and a Trump supporter, so some would prefer that he not even exist. TMZ reported on Nov. 23 that Rodriguez, in an interview where he reiterated his earlier approval of the President, also revealed that he has been the target of death threats for his support: “…everyone’s entitled to their opinion, I’m not in the closet anymore…If you disagree with me, it doesn’t mean that we can’t be friends…I’ve received some, uh, cowards threatening my life, laughable, but…It’s sad that people think like that…”  – READ MORE

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