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Paul Krugman Has Turned Into A Wild-Eyed Conspiracy Theorist


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The liberal reaction to Donald Trump’s election has been nothing short of a train wreck. Not an exciting fictional train wreck like in “The Fugitive,” but a real train wreck—loud, destructive, frightening, and pointless. Few people have embodied this pointless intellectual mayhem better than liberal pundit Paul Krugman.

A few weeks after the election, Krugman was calling for an “independent investigation” into allegations that some voting machines may have been “hacked.” He quickly backed off this wild conspiracy theory when it became clear that there was not a shred of proof to support it (although he also tacitly defended himself for believing it in the first place).

Let the Wild Conspiracy Theories Begin

Has the passage of a few more weeks allowed Krugman to calm down? Not hardly: in The New York Times last week, he wrote what may be the most quietly unhinged column of the entire election, no mean feat. In it, he accuses the Federal Bureau of Investigation of being “a highly partisan institution,” one with “distinct alt-right sympathies.” He also accuses the Federal Bureau of Investigation of being a “rogue domestic law enforcement agency.” – READ MORE

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