Pat Sajak Offers Some Much-Appreciated Thoughts On Celebrities & Voting


Just a few days out from the big midterm elections — which will determine whether we have two years of Pelosi and Waters-led investigations and impeachment attempts, or something approaching a functional-ish government — conservatives’ favorite game show host Pat Sajak offered some much-appreciated thoughts on celebrities and their penchant for telling others how to vote.

As the good folks over at Twitchy pointed out, Sajak took a jab at his fellow celebs over their misconceptions about how much people care or don’t care about their political views.

“One of the (many) odd conceits of celebrityhood is the notion that the ability to sing or tell jokes or portray other characters somehow qualifies one to tell others how to vote,” he wrote. “Not sure electricians or truckers or sales associates feel that way about themselves.”

While the first person to respond tried to make the comment about the rights of celebrities to speak, a vast majority of Sajak’s followers echoed his sentiments and thanked him for exhibiting some rare humility in Hollywood.- READ MORE


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