Parts Of France Are ‘Unlivable’ Due To Influx Of Migrants, ‘Tropical Trump’ Says


Brazil’s president-elect Jair Bolsonaro says parts of France have become “unliveable” because migrants and refugees have flooded the country and “they don’t give up their roots.”

The outspoken Bolsonaro, whose conservative plans for Brazil have prompted some to dub him the “Trump of the Tropics,” also said he will pull Brazil out of a nonbinding global migration pact ratified by the United Nations on Wednesday.

“Everybody knows what is happening in France. Some parts of France are simply unlivable,” Bolsonaro said in a live video feed on Facebook. “You know how those people are, right? They have something in them, they don’t give up their roots and they want to make their culture, their acquired rights and their privileges prevail.

“France is suffering because of that. Part of the population, part of the military, some of the institutions are starting to complain about that. We don’t want that for Brazil,” he said. – READ MORE

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