Parkland Shooter Set to Inherit Nearly $1 Million


The attorneys for the 19-year-old man who confessed to shooting and killing 17 people at a Florida high school in February told a judge Wednesday their client wants any potential inheritance from his late mother’s estate to go to the families of the people he killed, or a charity of the families’ choice.

Nikolas Cruz and his attorneys appeared in a Florida courtroom Wednesday for a hearing to determine whether he qualifies to be represented by a public defender, or if he has enough assets to pay for his own legal defense.

Cruz’s mother, Lynda, died in November from complications of the flu. He is a beneficiary of her life insurance policy and could receive up to $25,000.

Meanwhile, Nikolas Cruz reportedly told a family he was living with prior to February’s shooting that he would inherit an $800,000 trust fund, most of which he would receive when he turned 22.

According to the Miami Herald, the trust fund money is from a settlement reached in the death of Cruz’s father, Richard, who died in 2004 from heart failure. The following year, the father’s estate was valued at more than $1 million, according to probate records.

Lynda Cruz filed a malpractice suit against a doctor and a clinic in relation to the treatment the father received before his death. A settlement in the suit was reached in 2008. Nikolas Cruz and his brother, Zachary, received the entire $175,000 settlement, which was to be kept in an annuity until they were adults. – READ MORE

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