Paris Comes to Florida: Florida Terrorist’s Cell Phone Leads to Mosque



Law enforcement is combing Omar Mir Seddique Mateen’s history for a possible link to a local Florida mosque, after pinpointing an alias of Seddique Muhammed for the shooter and recovering his cell phone, federal sources said.

Mateen is the name of the Orlando shooter who allegedly killed at least 50 people in the Pulse Orlando gay nightclub early Saturday.

Federal agents are combing Mateen’s, AKA Muhammed’s, affiliations with the Islamic Center of Fort Piece mosque in Florida. According to agents, links to the mosque may have likewise been discovered after the alleged shooter’s cell phone was recovered from Mateen who was killed in the standoff. Sources said the phone is a Metro PCS cell phone tied to the alleged shooter. It was a cell phone registered to Mateen and not a “burner” or disposable phone, sources said,

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