Papadopoulos May Have Worked Undercover for Mueller to Build Evidence Against Fusion GPS, Not Trump


If you thought George Papadopoulos was flipped by the FBI and Robert Mueller to rat out President Donald Trump, think again.

It might be the opposite.

In a twist that virtually no one was expecting, Papadopoulos may have been used to obtain sensitive evidence from Fusion GPS associates as part of his plea deal with the Justice Department, law enforcement sources said.

According to law enforcement sources, Papadopoulos assisted U.S. Special Counsel Mueller’s investigators in securing evidence against associates of embattled research firm Fusion GPS.

Exactly what Papadopoulos did is not being divulged. But it does appear he worked undercover for Mueller’s team and was able to produce key pieces of evidence related to Fusions GPS’ role in the 2016 presidential election.

It was revealed yesterday Papadopoulos, a former bit player in the Trump campaign, agreed to plead guilty to one count of lying to a federal agent, a felony.

According to sources, the Justice Department will not press for any prison time for Papadopoulos in exchange for his cooperation with the case. In fact, his plea agreement (attached below) seems to confirm that. While the agreement states a recommended sentence of up to 6 months for Papadopoulos, officials tell True Pundit he will not see any prison time, unless something major develops that they do not currently know about.

Papadopoulos likely will see three years of federal probation though sentencing is at the discretion of his case judge, officials said.

So what exactly kind of evidence did Papadopoulos help develop for Mueller’s team to be granted a favorable plea deal?

Details are limited but sources said the material involves Fusion GPS, not Trump.

View the plea agreement below.

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