Panel Ignores over a Hundred Civilians Murdered by Drone Strikes To Give Obama Humanitarian Award


In 2009, newly minted President Barack Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize for pretty much doing nothing other than being elected. The hope from the international community was that he would follow through on that investment of trust.

So, how has that worked out?

Well, ask the over 100 innocent civilians killed by drone strikes during the Obama years. But when it comes to viewing Barack Obama as a bringer of peace, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.

That’s at least the message from the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation, which will make the former president a Human Rights Ripple of Hope laureate.

According to The Hill, Obama joins Discovery President and CEO David Zaslav, Humana CEO Bruce Broussard and Democrat New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy in receiving the honor, which fetes leaders for “their exceptional work toward a more just and peaceful world.” – READ MORE


At every opportunity on Thursday night, Trump shared some of the successes his administration has so far enjoyed, along with some of the challenges that remain, including securing the American borders, fixing illegal immigration and the problems associated with it, and much more.

Trump said at one point, “I met with NATO … NATO has been ripping us [off]. We’ve been defending Europe and they are not paying their bills. So I went in and said, ‘Folks, you’ve gotta pay up. You are delinquent.’ They will be paying $200 billion,” the president declared.

“It took me one hour — but it was a rough hour,” said Trump, as the crowd cheered for a period of time.

“The head of NATO, Secretary-General Stoltenberg, said to the press, ‘They don’t report it, they only make up stories,’” recounted Trump. “They only make [them] up …”

“So what happened?” added Trump. “He [Stoltenberg] said, ‘Last year alone’ — because of what I did the previous year — ‘we took in $44 billion more.’ You have to understand,” said Trump, “this is money to guard against Russia.”- READ MORE

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