PAINE: Kanye’s White House Comments Are Kryptonite to Liberals, Simply Because They’re True (Video)


I mean if Kanye West keep talking like this in public, he may threaten any growth the Democratic party hopes to foster.

The mainstream media attacked Kanye on Thursday for his comments, labeling them as rants.

But these are the same poets who follow and quote people wearing pink vagina hats.

Kanye is an inspired guy who has broken through, shattered the stereotypes. The mainstream media and Democrats will portray him as insane now — because they always do project their affliction onto others. And they don’t even realize it.

We need more enthusiasm for America. I don’t care what color you are. Patriots should not have to hide in caves and be afraid to speak their minds. Watch the video and decide for yourself if Kanye was ‘ranting.’

Aren’t we supposed to be allowed to speak our minds? Remember the First Amendment?

I do. Daily.

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