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Pfizer Reportedly Set To Approve Coronavirus Vaccines For Teens Within A Week – The Food and Drug Administration is expected to greenlight Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine for children as young as 12 next week, clearing the way for them to get vaccinated before the new school year begins next fall.

The announcement, first reported by The New York Times, would be made a month after Pfizer found that its two-dose vaccine offered near-total protection for young teens. – READ MORE

Vaccine Passports Are Coming To Sports Venues – Vaccine passports (or passes or certificates) are being deployed at over 60 US stadiums and other venues this summer to get the economy “back to normal,” according to Reuters.

Major League Baseball’s San Francisco Giants and New York Mets are some of the first teams demanding fans present proof of vaccination or a recent negative test via an app called Clear to verify their COVID-19 status. The teams will accept medical paperwork as proof, but they encourage all sports fans to download the Clear app for convenience. – READ MORE

States Offer Beer, Cash Incentives As Vaccine Demand Softens –Just as more states project that they have reached peak levels of vaccine demand, and governors like Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer come up with subtle ways to encourage reluctant adults to acquiesce, multiple states are experimenting with offering carrots, even a monetary reward.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan on Monday offered a $100 financial incentive to state employees who receive the vaccine. – READ MORE

DOJ Asks Congress For Funding To Fight Domestic Terrorism, Gender Crimes, Systemic Racism – Attorney General Merrick Garland asked Congress for additional funding, which would be used to combat domestic terrorism, gender violence and systemic racism.

The Department of Justice’s more than $35 billion budget request for 2022 reflects the agency’s mission, Attorney General Merrick Garland said during his opening remarks before a House Appropriations subcommittee on Tuesday. – READ MORE

FBI Caught Snooping Through NSA Records to Look for ‘Racially Motivated Violent Extremists’ – The Daily Beast reported last week that “The FBI, without any court order, sifted through the National Security Agency’s massive troves of foreign communications for information on American “racially motivated violent extremists,” even though the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Court warned the FBI in 2018 that its warrant-free queries” were unconstitutional. The first question that springs to mind in connection with this is: to whom can we turn when those who are supposed to be protecting us have been thoroughly corrupted and weaponized against the American people? And the second question is: Why are “racially motivated violent extremists” so hard to find that the FBI has to do an illegal deep dive into NSA material to find them?

The FBI is trying to validate the narrative that Old Joe Biden’s handlers had him enunciate (which he did, remarkably, without getting tongue-tied or saying something incoherent) during his message to Congress. “’As I stand here tonight,” Biden intoned Wednesday, “just one day shy of the 100th day of my administration. 100 days since I took the oath of office, lifted my hand off our family Bible, and inherited a nation in crisis. The worst pandemic in a century. The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.” – READ MORE

Derek Chauvin files for new trial in death of George Floyd – Ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has filed a motion seeking a new trial in the death of George Floyd, arguing that his constitutional right to a fair trial was violated multiple times throughout the proceedings.

Defense attorney Eric Nelson took issue with the judge’s refusal to grant a change of venue and the decision to not sequester jurors during the trial, among other things in a 10-point post-verdict filing. – READ MORE

‘Woke’ Coke Pauses Diversity Plan After ‘Intense Backlash,’ Plan Author Suddenly Resigns – Coca-Cola has pressed pause on a controversial “diversity plan” after what Fox News described as an “intense backlash,” and the company’s general counsel, Bradley Gayton, who authored the plan, has now abruptly resigned.As The Daily Wire reported back in February, “Coca-Cola debuted a new policy this year implementing a diversity quota for the outside counsel it retains, saying it will only hire law firms that commit to providing 15 percent of billed time from black attorneys, higher than the percentage of African Americans in the U.S. population.” Law firms working with the soft drink giant, were also required, under the new policy, to “commit that at least 30% of each of billed associate and partner time will be from diverse attorneys, and of such amounts at least half will be from Black attorneys.” – READ MORE

Tanker Truck Driver Shortage May Fuel Higher Gas Prices This Summer – The National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) industry trade group warns that a worsening semi-truck driver shortage may spark higher fuel prices and gas shortages this summer.CNN reported that industry group said about a quarter of tanker trucks aren’t on the road ahead of the busy summer driving season as there’s a shortage in qualified drivers available. Before the pandemic, about 10% of the tanker trucks were idled for similar reasons. – READ MORE

In Slip-Up Biden Says No One Who Makes Less That $400K a Year Will ‘Pay a Single Penny in Taxes’ – President Joe Biden slipped up while he defended his proposed tax hikes by stating that “anybody” who makes less than $400,000 a year would not pay a “single penny” in federal taxes.During an event in Virginia on Monday, Biden sought to address claims that he would raise taxes on people making less than $400,000 a year. – READ MORE

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