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Mayorkas: Southern Border Crossings On Pace To Hit 20-Year High – Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Tuesday that the number of migrants apprehended at the United States’ southern border is on track to hit a two-decade high.

“We are on pace to encounter more individuals on the southwest border than we have in the last 20 years,” Mayorkas said in a statement. “We are expelling most single adults and families. We are not expelling unaccompanied children.” – READ MORE

The Washington Post’s Fake Trump Quote Scandal Is a Lot Worse Than You Think – The media conspiracy against Trump became a lot more serious on Monday when the Washington Post retracted its January story claiming that President Donald Trump had pressured Frances Watson, the chief investigator for Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, to “find the fraud” in the 2020 election and said that he’d be a “national hero” if he did.

A recording of the call definitively proved that the quotes cited by the Washington Post, and then parroted by other outlets, were never actually said by the president. – READ MORE

Syria Says 45 U.S. Trucks Loaded with Military Equipment Just Entered the Country – Are Dotty Old Joe’s handlers planning an American military misadventure in Syria? It wouldn’t be any surprise. Syria’s state-run Syrian Arab News Agency reported Sunday that “a new convoy of US occupation trucks loaded with logistic materials have entered Hasaka countryside via the illegal border crossings with northern Iraq to support the occupation’s bases in Hasaka countryside. Local sources in al-Khazna village told SANA reporter that a convoy, that includes 45 trucks loaded with boxes, military vehicles and fuel tankers, entered via al-Walid illegal border crossing with northern Iraq.”

The claim comes from a hostile source, the Assad government, as became clear when the report went on to say that “the convoy crossed the M4 highway, heading for Deir Ezzor and Hasaka, where number of the occupation’s bases spread. In a flagrant violation of the international law, the US occupation troops work to enhance their illegal presence in al-Jazeera region, as they have established several bases to protect and train armed groups and terrorist organizations operating under their command to achieve their hostile schemes.” – READ MORE

Italy Launches Manslaughter Investigation As Teacher Dies Hours After Getting AstraZeneca Jab – After law-enforcement authorities in Sicily and Piedmont seized batches of the AstraZeneca COVID jab, prosecutors in the EU’s third-largest economy have launched a manslaughter investigation after a music teacher died just hours after receiving the jab.

According to Italian-language media outlets, 57-year-old Sandro Tognatti died after receiving the jab in his hometown of Biella on Saturday afternoon. He soon developed a high fever, but went to bed anyway, he his wife, Simona Riussi, told the Italian press. – READ MORE

Top EU Regulator Insists AstraZeneca Jab Is Safe While 24 Countries Have Banned It –German officials are postponing a meeting of state and federal leaders where the country’s vaccine strategy was due to be discussed until Friday, one day after the EUA has promised to wrap up its safety review of the AstraZeneca jab.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and French President Emmanuel Macron said Tuesday that they are ready to re-start AstraZeneca jabs…just as soon as Europe’s top medical regulator officially declares its safety review to be over, according to Draghi, who shared the comments with the press after a phone call. – READ MORE

Biden Wants Pastors And Priests To Urge ‘MAGA Folks’ To Take COVID Vaccine – On Monday, President Joe Biden urged local pastors and priests to help get supporters of former President Donald Trump, who may be skeptical of being immunized, to take the COVID vaccine.

Biden made his comments during a White House event on COVID-19 relief, in response to a question from a reporter. – READ MORE

Moderna Begins Testing Coronavirus Vaccine On Children – Moderna announced Tuesday that children had begun to receive its coronavirus vaccine as part of a trial testing whether the shot is safe and effective on minors.

The trial, consisting of 6,750 children, will first vaccinate older kids in order to determine the correct dose of the vaccine in children ages six to 12, the company said in a press release. It will gradually move to younger children and infants as little as six months old. – READ MORE

Former State Dept Lead Investigator Says COVID-19 Escaped From Wuhan Lab, May Have Been Bioweapons Accident – The US State Department’s former lead investigator who oversaw the COVID-19 task force into the origins of the virus believes SARS-CoV-2 escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and may have been the product of bioweapons research, according to Fox News.

“The Wuhan Institute of Virology is not the National Institute of Health,” David Asher – now a senior fellow at the Hudson institute – told Fox News in an interview, adding: “It was operating a secret, classified program. In my view, and I’m just one person, my view is it was a biological weapons program.” – READ MORE

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