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Media-Hyped March 4 Capitol Attack Never Happened, So Now They’re Hyping Future Dates – Democrats and their media cohorts are furiously trying to spin out their Capitol riots Reichstag moment by hyping lunatic conspiracy theories as if they have any basis in reality.  The goal is two-fold: demonize Republicans, particularly Trump supporters, and create a climate of fear in order to justify a new war on “domestic terror.”

However, for their fevered dreams of rampant civil rights-violating policies used against American citizens on American soil to come to fruition, they will have to come up with something better than a pretend “threat” from a lunatic fringe group.  This time the made-up insurrection against the Capitol was to take place on March 4th.  It didn’t. – READ MORE

Pelosi’s Riot Task Force Recommends 24/7 Year-Round ‘Quick Reaction Force’ To Protect Capitol – A task force empowered by Nancy Pelosi to review security following the Capitol riot on January 6th has recommended the formation of a “quick reaction force” of federal officers to provide security at that location.

The House Speaker announced in January that retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré would lead a team of experts in a security review of the Capitol following the riot. – READ MORE

Cuomo Aides Rewrote July Nursing Home Report To Conceal COVID Death Toll – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s top advisers successfully intervened in pushing state health officials scrub a public report showing that by July 2020, nearly 10,000 New York nursing home residents had died in the pandemic, according to a late-Thursday report in the Wall Street Journal.

At the urging of Cuomo advisers, the report excluded nursing home residents who later died in hospitals after becoming sick in long-term facilities, resulting in a “significant undercount of the death toll attributed to the state’s most vulnerable population,” according to the report. – READ MORE

‘Ethics’ Prof. Says Americans Will Take Vaccine In Exchange For Return Of Freedom –CNN provided a platform for NYU medical ‘ethics’ professor Arthur Caplan Sunday, who argued that Americans skeptical of taking the COVID vaccine will soon come around and accept it if their freedoms otherwise remain restricted.

Caplan argued that allowing people to have their freedoms returned after lockdown is the most “powerful incentive” to push the vaccine. – READ MORE

CDC Says “Fully Vaccinated” People Can Stop Wearing Masks, Distancing In Private – As federal health officials including Dr. Fauci chide states for easing COVID restrictions, the CDC has just released new guidelines proclaiming that fully vaccinated people can spend time together indoors without masks or social-distancing.

The CDC’s highly anticipated report cites early evidence suggesting vaccinated people are less likely to have asymptomatic infections, and are less likely to transmit the virus to other people. – READ MORE

Top ICE official warns flood of migrants coming to US will be ‘highest…in over 20 years’ – A top immigration official warned this week that the impending flood of migrants coming to the United States will outnumber any migrant wave over the last 20 years.

President Joe Biden promised to reverse much of his predecessor’s immigration policies, and he has made good on many of those promises thus far. For example, Biden rescinded Trump’s policy forcing asylum-seeking migrants to remain in Mexico while their cases are processed. – READ MORE

Biden administration converting Texas migrant centers to rapidly release detained families in 72 hours or less – The Biden administration will transform two Texas facilities where detained migrant families are held into Ellis Island-style rapid processing centers, meaning adults and children who cross the border will be housed for a maximum of 72 hours before being released into the U.S.

In a court filing Friday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said families will continue to be detained at a 2,400-bed detention center in Karnes City and an 839-bed detention center in Dilley in Texas, but the U.S. government intends to hold adults and children at those sites for three days or less. – READ MORE

Goldman, Bank Of America Made Hundreds Of Millions From Texas Blackouts – Whereas 20 years ago, it was Enron that made billions from the California electricity crisis (which it caused), a scandal which culminated with Enron’s scandalous and convoluted bankruptcy, this time it is pristine banks such as Goldman and Bank of America that made hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue as tens of millions of Texans were stuck in the dark.

According to the Financial Times, in the days when the Texas electric grid failed during last month’s polar vortex blast and which sent electricity prices to staggering levels, Bank of America made hundreds of millions of dollars in trading revenue “highlighting the upside for Wall Street from mayhem that knocked out power and heat across the state, industry executives and traders said.” – READ MORE

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