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Vast Majority Of Democrats Support Employers Forcing Workers To Get COVID Jab, New Poll Finds – The most significant challenge in fighting the virus pandemic has been the political polarization on public health measures. A new CBS News-YouGov poll released Sunday shows Democrats and Republicans remain deeply divided on an employee’s right to either chose or waive the right to be administered a vaccine.

CBS News-YouGov poll asked 2,300 adults in the US between June 8-10 a series of questions about today’s environment in a post-pandemic world. – READ MORE

Biden makes several gaffes at G7, at one point world leaders openly laugh at his forgetfulness – When on the world stage with his peers at the G7 summit this weekend, President Joe Biden had several mental lapses and gaffes. At one point, fellow world leaders openly laughed at Biden over his forgetfulness at the G7 conference in Cornwall, England.

During a press conference on Sunday, Biden stumbled while speaking about Russia ahead of his June 16 meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Switzerland. – READ MORE

Fauci Warns Of Dangerous New ‘Delta’ COVID Variant, Tells Americans To Vaccinate – Anthony Fauci urged Americans to continue getting vaccinated as he warned about a dangerous new COVID variant becoming the dominant strain in the United States.

The White House chief medical adviser warned of the so-called ‘Delta’ variant, a strain first noticed in India. – READ MORE

Judge Dismisses Houston Hospital Worker’s Lawsuit Over Vaccine Mandates – A Texas federal judge dismissed a lawsuit Saturday brought by employees who challenged the hospital’s coronavirus vaccination requirement, according to court documents.

U.S. District Judge Lynn N. Hughes said that the Houston Methodist Hospital’s vaccine mandate for its employees was allowed under state law, according to court documents. In his filing, Hughes rejected claims by Jennifer Bridges, a nurse and the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit filed in the Southern District of Texas by over a hundred employees, that the vaccines were experimental and dangerous. – READ MORE

Federal Reserve Warns Employees Not to Use ‘Biased’ Terms Like ‘Founding Fathers’ –Employees of the Federal Reserve received some guidance from the Board of Governors back in April on how to communicate properly both in-house and with the public. As you might expect, it was an adventure in wokeness.

“Try to avoid words and phrases that may be considered offensive, pejorative, or prejudiced (whether consciously or unconsciously), as these can distract your audience from the ideas/information you’re trying to convey,” the guidance explained. – READ MORE

Major Mall Operator Washington Prime Group Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – Late Sunday evening, Washington Prime Group Inc., a mall owner with more than 100 shopping centers nationwide, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, citing the virus pandemic paralyzed their business, according to a company press release.

According to documents filed in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas, the Ohio-based mall operator was spun off from the largest mall operator, Simon Property Group, in 2014. The bankrupted company currently has 102 malls and strip centers across the country. – READ MORE

Bombs In Paradise: How Hawaii Is Fast Becoming The Most Militarized Place On Earth –The United States Army plans to build an enormous weapons facility storing stockpiles of conventional warheads and explosives right next to the residential housing communities of Ewa Beach, Ewa Villages, West Loch Estates, and Ewa Gentry, as well as beside the Pearl Harbor National Wildlife Refuge in Hawaii. This Pacific island paradise already has the largest concentration of United States military bases and compounds in the country, making it one of the most militarized places on earth. Were it to secede from the Union, Hawaii would be a major military power on a global scale. And now, more weapons are on the way. A lot more.

The size, scope, and expense of this massive construction project must be considered, as well as the immediate danger placed on the residents of the surrounding communities. Equally important is whether the pre-positioning of such massive amounts of live warheads and munitions is in the interest and safety of the American public. Pre-positioning means ready to use. Locked and loaded. We’re off to war. This decreases the time for diplomacy and increases the likelihood of the weapons’ use. Do we really want to stockpile yet more weapons on this over-militarized island in preparation for the next big war? Is this a prudent strategy, or rash and perilous behavior? – READ MORE

Video Of Live Bats In Wuhan Lab Reveals Daszak Lied In Now-Deleted Tweet – The cover-up of the probability that COVID-19 was deliberately created in the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) has had profound consequences for the entire world, preventing early detection and countermeasures, as well as derailing informed research.

One key element of that cover-up was the hiding of the fact that the Wuhan lab was working on bats, because the virus was a variant of an existing bat-borne virus. The cover story, that a wet market led to the dispersal of COVID-19, would have looked awfully weak had it been known that the WIV was creating new viruses from bats. Both the World Health Organization and Peter Daszak, who acted as an investigator for WHO, outright denied that the WIV had live bats in its research facility. – READ MORE

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