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‘Take These Masks Off My Child’: Mother Emotionally Eviscerates School Board For Forcing Children To Wear Masks – A mother tore into school board members for requiring children to wear masks despite evidence that children are largely safe from COVID-19, demanding, “take these masks off of my child.”

In remarks that have since gone viral on social media, Georgia mother Courtney Ann Taylor criticized Gwinnett County Board of Education members for speaking about “social, emotional health” for months, telling them, “If you truly mean that, you would end the mask requirement tonight. Tonight.” – READ MORE

Medical Experts Predict An Increase In Cancer Deaths Due To COVID – Delayed diagnoses and missed screenings due to the coronavirus pandemic will likely result in increased cancer deaths, medical experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“We have not yet seen the real impact of COVID-19 on cancer diagnosis and deaths,” warned Dr. Julie Gralow, executive vice president and chief medical officer of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. “Screening for cancer (mainly breast, cervical, and colon) clearly dropped dramatically early in the pandemic, which will likely contribute to a later stage at diagnosis due to the delay/omission of screening that will be seen in the future.” – READ MORE

US States Close Mass Vaccination Centers Due To Falling Demand – As we noted a few weeks ago, America has smashed President Biden’s revised target of 200M COVID-19 jabs in arms by the end of his first 100 days in office while moving up his target for having the entire adult population vaccinated. According to data from the CDC, the US has easily surpassed 200M jabs-in-arms. But as the COVID-19 cases climb, the world is beginning to rethink expectations surrounding herd immunity, while also questioning the efficacy of vaccines as some patients are reinfected by “mutant” COVID-19 strains, or – even more rarely – fall victim to strange side-effects (like cerebral blood clots).

But while Biden’s Dr. Fauci-led White House advisory team refuses to acknowledge this reality, Dr. Scott Gottlieb pointed out a few weeks back that he expected demand for vaccines to dampen as more young people refuse shots on the belief that they aren’t susceptible to severe infection. Already, unused doses are piling up in certain US states. – READ MORE

The ‘Masks Forever’ Crowd Is Real. Here’s What They Want – Public health officials have supported mask wearing well beyond mass vaccination, and some advocated integrating them into post-COVID-19 life.

Most states implemented mandatory COVID-19 guidelines like restrictions on business capacities, social distancing guidelines and mask requirements. – READ MORE

“Very Shocked” – Las Vegas Residents Have Trouble Finding Gasoline – A redux of the 1970s energy crisis had caused petroleum shortages and price spikes are currently playing out for different reasons in Las Vegas Valley.

Las Vegas social media users complained about Chevron Corporation’s gas stations raising fuel costs and even in some areas running out of various types of fuel. – READ MORE

Tampa McDonald’s Exposes America’s Systemic Labor Shortage, Forced To Pay People $50 To Interview – A McDonald’s in Tampa, Florida, offers $50 to show up for a job interview. Even with free money plastered in big, bold black letters on its menu sign, facing a busy roadway, there are reportedly still no takers.

Business Insider spoke with Blake Casper, the franchisee who owns the fast-food restaurant in Tampa, who said the idea to hand out free money is an attempt to secure workers. He said he would do “whatever it takes to hire workers.” – READ MORE

“This Is Massive”: Shadowy DARPA-Linked Company Took Over ‘Chunk’ Of Pentagon’s Internet In Inauguration Day Mystery – A shadowy company set up last September linked to a DARPA / FBI contractor who peddled a ‘lawful intercept’ internet spy device to government agencies and law enforcement a decade ago, took over a massive portion of the Pentagon’s idle internet addresses on the day of President Biden’s inauguration, according to an in-depth investigation by the Associated Press.

The valuable internet real estate has since quadrupled to 175 million IP addresses which were previously owned by the US Department of Defense – about 1/25th the size of the current internet, and over twice the size of the internet space actually used by the Pentagon. – READ MORE

Texas Ended Lockdowns & Mask Mandates; Now Locked-Down States Are Where COVID Is Growing Most – Early last month, Texas governor Greg Abbott announced he would end the state’s mask mandate and allow most businesses to function at 100 percent capacity.

The response from the corporate media and the Left was predictable. California governor Gavin Newsom declared the move “absolutely reckless.” Beto O’Rourke called the GOP a “cult of death.” Joe Biden called the move “Neanderthal thinking.” Keith Olbermann insisted, “Texas has decided to join the side of the virus” and suggested Texans shouldn’t be allowed to take the covid vaccine. Vanity Fair ran an article with the title “Republican Governors Celebrate COVID Anniversary with Bold Plan to Kill Another 500,000 Americans.” – READ MORE

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