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Biden Says Capitol Rioters Worse than Slave-owning Confederates in Civil War – President Joe Biden claimed on Tuesday that January 6 rioters are worse than slave-owning Confederates in the Civil War because they breached the U.S. Capitol.

During a Tuesday speech in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Biden mocked Republicans for their attempts to pass voter integrity legislation. – READ MORE

France’s Macron Orders All Health Workers to Get Vaccinated – French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday ordered all French health care workers to get virus vaccine shots by Sept. 15 and urged all of his compatriots to get vaccinated as soon as possible. – READ MORE

‘Checkpoint Society’: Boris Pressures Venues to Adopt Vaccine Passports as a Matter of ‘Social Responsibility’ – Privacy campaigners have condemned as the makings of a “checkpoint society” calls by Prime Minister Boris Johnson for large venues to adopt entry by vaccine passport only “as a matter of responsibility”.

Announcing last night that the end of legal restrictions will come on Monday, Prime Minister Johnson nevertheless said that he and the government “expect and recommend that people wear a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces where you come into contact with those you don’t normally meet, such as on public transport”. – READ MORE

Sydney Lockdown to Continue Until We Get Down to ‘Close to Zero’ Cases: NSW Premier – Sydney will not escape lockdown until it achieves zero or “close to zero” cases of COVID-19 following the confirmation of 89 cases of the CCP virus in 24 hours, the NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian announced on Tuesday. – READ MORE

Fauci blasted for saying ‘no doubt’ children 3 years and older should wear masks – White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci drew criticism Tuesday after saying children as young as 3 years old should continue to wear masks to protect against the coronavirus.

Asked by MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell about the spread of the Delta variant of the virus and what that means for unvaccinated minors, Fauci said they and their parents should follow federal health advice. In its guidelines for safely opening K-12 schools in the fall, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says “masks should be worn indoors by all individuals (age 2 and older) who are not fully vaccinated.”- READ MORE

Staffers refuse COVID vaccine at scores of NY nursing homes – An alarmingly low number of New York City nursing home staffers have been vaccinated for COVID-19, despite the danger the virus poses to elderly residents, a Post review of state Health Department data reveal.

More than six months into New York’s vaccination campaign, nearly a third of workers at the city’s elder care facilities have still not gotten a jab – and at 16 of the city’s homes less than half are vaccinated, state Health Department records reveal. – READ MORE

NHS Waiting List Could Hit 13 Million Due to Coronavirus Backlog – The health secretary has admitted that National Health Service (NHS) waiting lists could rise to 13 million in the next few months due to lockdowns and the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

The revelation comes just days after it was revealed that NHS England waiting lists had reached a record high for the second month in a row, with 5.3 million people waiting for treatment. – READ MORE

Capitol Police To Use Military Surveillance Equipment In Role As ‘Intelligence-Based Protective Agency’ – In response to the January 6 Capitol riot, US Capitol Police will begin employing military surveillance equipment used by the Army in what the Washington Times described as part of “sweeping security upgrades” as the force transforms into “an intelligence-based protective agency.”

Upgrades will include eight ‘Persistent Surveillance Systems Ground – Medium’ (PSSG-M) units, which provide HD surveillance video and includes night vision. According to the Pentagon, it does not include facial recognition. – READ MORE

‘Complete Shithole’: Biden’s Namesake Rest Stop in Disarray – At the September 2018 naming ceremony for the Biden Welcome Center off the highway in Delaware, the now-president said having his name on the rest stop was “one of the most meaningful” things to happen in his life. Once billed as a “rest stop of the future” by the enthusiasts at Roadside America for its “environmentally sensitive and sustainable design,” the stop has devolved into a dysfunctional dump, according to a Washington Free Beacon investigation.

The restrooms, equipped with an overflowing used-needle deposit box, were abnormally crowded during a mid-week July trip to the Biden Welcome Center. This was likely due to the fact that only half of the bathrooms were open, and a majority of stalls in open bathrooms were either out of service or too filthy for public use. One gentleman who entered the men’s room kicked open a bathroom stall door, let out a muffled yell at whatever sat inside the toilet, and left the facility altogether. – READ MORE

An Inside Look At Lockdown Orders From 2020 – Life in the United States and in many parts of the world was transformed in mid-March 2020. That was when the great experiment began. It was a test. How much power does government have to rule nearly the whole of life? To what extent can all the power of the state be mobilized to take away rights that people had previously supposed were protected by law? How many restrictions on freedom would people put up with without a revolt?

It was also a test of executive and bureaucratic power: can these dramatic decisions be made by just a handful of people, independent of all our slogans about representative democracy? – READ MORE

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