Owner of Ohio store ransacked by rioters says she’s receiving threats for cooperating with police


An Ohio business owner told “Fox & Friends” on Monday that she is receiving threats for cooperating with law enforcement officials investigating the looting of her cupcake store last month.

Kelly Kandah, the owner of Colossal Cupcakes in Cleveland, which was destroyed by looters, said some of those threats include people telling her that when her store is rebuilt, “it’s going to get hit again.”

She said she also received complaints that her cooperation with investigators is “unfair,” that she shouldn’t be cooperating with the FBI and that what she is doing is “against the cause, which I’m actually absolutely for the cause, but it’s upsetting people that I would involve the police over something such as property.”

Kandah said her store was ransacked while she and four employees were hiding inside a locked bathroom of the store on May 30 during protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody. She said police saved her life that day.

Kandah told “Fox & Friends First” earlier this month that she has owned the cupcake shop for nearly 10 years.

“My family built it up, [I] listened to it get absolutely destroyed,” Kandah told “Fox & Friends First” on June 2. “That whole time we were locked in there … I just listened to everything getting shattered and crushed.” – READ MORE

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