Oscars Producer Admits ‘Vast Swaths’ Of Viewers Turn Off TV When Celebrities Talk Politics


The people behind the Oscars know that viewers don’t want to listen to celebrities worth millions of dollars discuss issues they don’t truly understand and push liberal politics on their fans, yet the awards ceremony appears to be doubling down on divisiveness.

Buried in a New York Times article about the Oscars’ waning viewership, an anonymous producer admitted that “vast swaths” of viewers turn off the TV once the celebrities start talking politics.

“Increasingly, the ceremonies are less about entertainment honors and more about progressive politics, which inevitably annoys those in the audience who disagree. One recent producer of the Oscars, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss confidential metrics, said minute-by-minute post-show ratings analysis indicated that ‘vast swaths’ of people turned off their televisions when celebrities started to opine on politics,” the Times reported toward the end of its lengthy article.

Earlier in the article, the Times reported that even if the Oscars producers know this, they don’t care, as the focus this year will be “less on winning and instead make sure the notably diverse group of nominees has a better-than-average time by making the event more communal and intimate.”

Oscars ratings have been falling for decades from its 1998 peak of 57.2 million viewers. The past seven years, however, have seen a dramatic drop – 44% since 2014. The Times reported that if the Oscars see a drop like the Golden Globes saw in February, fewer than 10 million people are likely to tune in to the Academy Awards this year. – READ MORE

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