Oregon Governor Caught Violating Her Own Mask Order


Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D-Portland) and her security detail appear to have violated Brown’s own mask mandate, according to a post that has gone viral on Facebook. In addition, a member of that security detail, an Oregon state trooper, has yet to be publicly recognized for rescuing a teenage girl from drowning. A witness to the incident last Sunday is now demanding that the trooper be awarded a medal from the Oregon State Police, but so far Brown has not publicly acknowledged the heroic act by the police officer.

In an interview with PJ Media, the witness, a woman named Rebekah (she asked us not to include her last name out of fear of retaliation from Gov. Brown) described the scene. Rebekah brought her kids to a riverside park on a hot summer day to go swimming. She happened upon Kate Brown and her Oregon State Police security detail on a trail next to the park in Marion County. None were wearing masks, despite a mid-July executive order requiring masks outdoors, not just inside public buildings.

Rebekah told PJM: We had just gotten there. We hadn’t even put our stuff down on the ground. As we walk down the trail a guy was screaming, “help help, do you have a rope?” My friend went to grab a stick and this girl was drowning. All I thought was, “Oh my God, I’m not going to let these kids watch somebody die today, right?” I gathered them up and I ran them up to the trail and I ran to go get help because the teenager that was drowning was three times my size. So I gathered up all the kids and we ran right up the trail. Well, the first people that we came across was a group of six people and I said, “Help, somebody’s drowning. Somebody’s drowning, run run!” And these two men jet past me and ran down to the water. Then this lady who I’m standing next to on the trail says, “Don’t worry, they are two state troopers.” And I said, “Oh, praise God. Thank the Lord!” And so I ran back down knowing that he knew what he was doing.

Rebekah said she had no idea at first that it was Kate Brown and her security detail she was seeing, but when she regained her composure, she realized who it was. “As soon as got her to shore,” Rebekah said, “he got out of the water soaking wet, and I ran right up to him and I said ‘God bless you. Thank you so much for your service.’” – READ MORE

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