Oprah’s ultra-PC ‘Wrinkle in Time’ stung with bad reviews as ‘cringeworthy’ $100M Disney movie could bomb, experts say


Disney’s $100 million gamble to turn the classic children’s book “A Wrinkle in Time” into a politically correct film filled with liberal talking points on feminism and diversity may be backfiring badly, with the poorly reviewed Oprah Winfrey-starring movie possibly teetering toward a tank job at the box office this weekend, according to some predictions.

The film is currently rated a “rotten” 43 percent on “Rotten Tomatoes,” but “woke” cultural critics don’t seem to mind. They say that the movie, directed by anti-Trump filmmaker Ava DuVernay, is so important in terms of its social justice messages that whether it’s a terrible movie or not just doesn’t matter.

Parade Magazine said the film is a “crinkled, jammed, over-crammed hot mess,” but praised the casting of Hollywood’s favorite 2020 presidential possibility.

“There’s 20-foot Oprah, and what she represents in America as a self-made black billionaire, media mogul, philanthropist, and a living symbol of survival and success. She radiates empowerment—even when, later in the film, her character ‘shrinks’ down to regular size,” Parade’s Neil Pond wrote. – READ MORE

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