Oops! Facebook shared 14 million users’ posts with the whole world rather than just their friends


Facebook has been having a rough time with privacy and trust recently. Between the problem of fake news during the 2016 election, revelations about data-scraping by political campaigns, and Mark Zuckerberg’s inability to act more like a human being than a lizard-person, it’s been a difficult start to 2018.

Despite what the Beatles might’ve said, however, things aren’t getting better. In fact, according to Recode, they are getting much, much worse. 14 million Facebook users who thought they were posting content to friends or select groups were really making it visible to the public, Facebook said on Thursday.

The problem was caused by a software bug that was live for 10 days in May, according to the company. During that time, the privacy settings on some users’ posts were changed to public without any warning. The bug apparently affected 14 million people, although it seems Facebook doesn’t know how many of those users may have actually posted something to the public. – READ MORE

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