Only 42% Say They Will Get the Coronavirus Vaccine


Only 42 percent of American adults say they will get the coronavirus vaccine, according to a Yahoo News/YouGov poll.

This is a tracking poll of 1,506 American adults taken between July 28 – 30.

Back in early May when the poll first started asking this question, 55 percent said they would agree to get vaccinated. Slippage has occurred every month since. In late May the number dropped to 50 percent. In early July it was just 46 percent. Now we’re down to 42 percent.

It should be noted that there is no vaccine as of yet. But there has been much talk of a miracle vaccine right around the corner — you know, just like the findings of the Durham investigation.

Regardless, the question is what is driving this lack of trust? Why would only 42 percent agree to a vaccine?

Well, to begin with, no one likes to hear the words “rushing” and “vaccine” in the same sentence. – READ MORE

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