Online Pharmacy Sells Hormone Drugs Labelled ‘Keep Out Of Reach Of Parents’


A “transgirl from Brazil” is selling hormone drugs online occasionally delivered in packaging that says “keep out of reach of parents.”

“Oktokonoko Pharmaceuticals” offers a variety of hormone drugs to “help those that fight against dysphoria in their everyday lives,” according to its website. The site says it is run by a “transgirl” known as Lilian, who is reportedly from Brazil.

“I had lots of problems with my therapy and saw that lots of other transgirls had the same problems with accessing high quality HRT [hormone replacement therapy], specifically because of the high price in most countries,” Lilian wrote on the site. “So, I decided to make accessible hormones to help those that fight against dysphoria in their everyday lives.”

“We take every safety measure to maintain a safe and potent product while staying accessible to everyone,” Lilian continued. “Most places use cheaper and lower quality oils, such as castor or GSO; I prefer to use MCT. It is a bit more expensive, but it is worth it, having a longer shelf life (7 years or more), being less viscous and therefore easier to inject, and a cleaner appearance.”

One of these drugs is the estrogen medication, Estradiol Valerate, also known as Delestrogen. A 2019 review of Delestrogen conducted by the online medical resource on pharmaceuticals RX List found that “all women taking estrogens” should be under “close clinical surveillance.”

Oktokonoko charges about $1,155 for one dose of Estradiol Valerate and about $5,866 for six doses, according to the website.

One January 2021 review of the drug said, “Very fast delivery to the UK, even with all the covid problems. I seem to be having good progress 3 months in, noticing fat redistribution.. finally. will order more soon just in case of shortages.”

“This is pharmacy grade Estradiol valerate,” another January 2021 review said. “It was recieved in the US after only a week! Fastest delivery out of all the HRT suppliers I’ve experienced.”

Photos posted on Twitter reportedly show the hormone drug packaged in a box that says in bold lettering: “keep out of reach of parents” and “don’t look at my giant girldick,” as well as anime-like images of a young girl.

The pharmacy’s CEO Lilian told the Daily Caller News Foundation Monday morning that the packaging is an “inside joke.”

“Most customers when receiving it send emails saying they laughed because of the unexcpected package,” Lilian told the DCNF in a typo-filled email, noting that the packaging is not “showcased” on Oktokonoko’s website and “not made to fish for customers or something like that.”

“My market is from 18 years till 30,” the site owner told the DCNF, addressing whether minors can purchase the hormone drugs. “Most of them ask for discreet pacakging because they don’t want family or relatives to know they’re trans. Children can’t buy bitcoin or have credit cards, at least in my country it works like that, don’t know in yours.”

The Oktokonoko Pharmacy owner said that in Brazil, 14-year-olds can begin hormone treatment with parental consent and 16-year-olds can begin hormonal treatment without parental consent.

Lilian did not immediately address how Oktokonoko Pharmacy identifies whether its customers are children.

“I don’t condone the use of hormonal medication for children because that couldd have some harm in development,” Lilian told the DCNF, “but when we are talking about teenagers, the rules change from country to country.”

Oktokonoko Pharmacy’s website notes as a “warning” that it no longer accepts payments from Paypal since one of Lilian’s accounts got blocked. Lilian did not explain to the DCNF why Paypal blocked this account.

“We accept Bitcoin, other crypto (theter, Ethereum etc) or Bank Transfer (transfer wise) as payment methods,” the site reads.  “Those who pay with cryptocurrency will be helping me to keep working, as income tax, is a big problem in my country specially as something like selling things in the grey market. Those who pay with cryptocurrency will be guaranted the be able to buy again, as I don’t know If I’ll be able to use paypal forever.”

Paypal did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the DCNF.

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