One Final and Prophetic Tweet from Actor James Woods Foretold the Future


Once a daily mainstay and leading Conservative voice on social media, actor James Woods has not Tweeted in six months.

After a spat with the social media overlords/geeks, Woods walked away from the platform.

There is little doubt Twitter is NOT a better place without Woods’ political insight and razor-sharp wit.

But one of Woods’ final Tweets before his boycott has proven perhaps his most prophetic of all, foreshadowing trouble ahead for Conservatives and President Trump after Woods lampooned Congressman Adam Schiff’s blatant lack of intelligence — a strange trait for a man appointed to head the House Intelligence Committee.

The irony here is beyond thick.

Woods was right. Schiff — who was smitten with a huckster and race hoaxer like Smollett — has proven himself a dishonest birdbrain and intellectual lightweight as the leader of the partisan ‘Intelligence’ committee.

Worse yet, new revelations that Schiff is now the target of a federal investigation for his relationship with Ed Buck makes one wonder if the Congressman’s recent campaign against President Trump is not simply an elaborate ruse to distract the Justice Department from his own potential crimes.

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