One Dirty Rat Defies De Blasio — And It’s Hilarious


On Tuesday, a rat made New York Mayor Bill De Blasio look like he was the one in the maze as it foiled his press event demonstrating a new high-tech extermination technique.

De Blasio and workers from the New York Housing Authority had plans for the rats plaguing NYCHA projects: place dry ice to suffocate them in their holes. But when De Blasio and his cohorts attempted to snuff out the rats at the Bushwick Houses, one rat darted out of the hole, evaded a worker who tried to crush it with a shovel, and scuttled to safety.

De Blasio, who had said, “Once you put that dry ice in there, rats are not going to live through it. If they get exposed to it, they are not coming back,” had this addendum after the rat confounded its opponents: “We found the right place,” adding of the workers, “I give them an A for effort.” – READ MORE

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