Omar Mateen’s Wife Located 7,400 Miles Away From Orlando in 5-Star Hotel


For the second time since facing a possible federal indictment as an accomplice to mass murder in the United States, Noor Zahi Salman has been spotted traveling in the Middle East, close to her last known location in Jordan, according to our intelligence sources.

True Pundit’s intelligence sources said last week Salman spent a number of days in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, federal intelligence sources (not the FBI) confirm, some 7,400 miles from Orlando. Salman’s husband Omar Mateen made two trips to Saudi Arabia in 2011 and 2012 before his reported death at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando after he killed 49 and injured another 50+ at the club in the name of ISIS.


Salman has all but vanished since the June 12 mass shooting. True Pundit has been the only news agency to pinpoint her whereabouts and linked her in July to a stint in Jordan. Salman’s trail grew hot again last week with her stay in Saudi Arabia’s capitol. Federal sources believe Salman was likely staying at a five-star hotel under an alias name. She has since been moved, sources said.

Federal sources said Salman could be be applying for an extended visa in Saudi Arabia or Jordan, based on recent intelligence.


The following Breaking News Story was Published by True Pundit on July 12, 2016 and has additional background.

Omar Mateen’s Wife Located 6,600 Miles Away from Orlando

While the FBI and Attorney General Loretta Lynch continuously dodge questions about the current whereabouts of Noor Zahi Salman, True Pundit has located the spouse of the Orlando mass killer.

Salman, AKA Zalman, has been missing from the public eye for weeks. And when we first learned of her whereabouts, we were somewhat astonished especially knowing that she is/was the target of a federal grand jury convened to possibly indict her as an accomplice to her mass-murdering and allegedly deceased husband. As such, it would be almost unheard of for Salman to travel outside the United States. But that is where she is, according to federal law enforcement sources.

Last week, Salman was traveling in the Middle East, specifically Amman Jordan, according to our intelligence sources (not the FBI). That is a long way from Florida and a possible US indictment as a murder accomplice. Again, international travel is rare for such suspects who have been interviewed by the FBI as a suspected part of such a crime. But Salman is no quiet, innocent homemaker. She and her attorneys have much leverage and apparently, she is employing it. True Pundit, within hours of Mateen’s rampage at Pulse Nightclub, identified the gunman as a paid informant of the FBI. Such informants are usually paid $100K or more. The evidence gathered since then has been rather overwhelming proving Mateen worked with and for the FBI prior to the shooting. Salman is the key to unraveling the truth. While the FBI would never divulge this fact, Salman could. One prime-time TV interview and the FBI’s Orlando charade collapses. And therefore, it only benefits the US government to allow a suspected accomplice to murder travel the world while the US case grows cold.

Federal sources said Salman’s family is from Palestine, close to where she was located traveling in Jordan. The United States does not have an extradition treaty with the Palestinian Authority. Our question is: Will the United States ever see Salman again?

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