Oldest Person In The World Tells Her Story, And It’s Utterly Tragic


Koku Istambulova, according to her internal passport, is 128 years old and rapidly approaching 129. The birth date listed on her passport is June 1, 1889, though her age cannot be confirmed by more official government documents because they were lost in the Second Chechen War (1999-2009).

In a recent interview reported by the Daily Mail, Istambulova discussed her perspective on her life and how she’s managed to live so long. The insights she offered were grim, colored particularly by all the violence and upheaval she and her strict Muslim family experienced under Stalin’s regime.

“Long life is not at all God’s gift for me,” she told an interviewer, “but a punishment.”

“I have not had a single happy day in my life. I have always worked hard, digging in the garden. I am tired,” said Istambulova.

“I survived through the Civil War, the Second World War, the deportation of our nation in 1944 and through two Chechen wars. And now I am sure that my life was not a happy one,” she said. – READ MORE

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