Old Glory Is Deemed Not Inclusive Enough at This College


People on many college campuses are continuing to slam our nation’s flag — and Michigan State University (MSU), a public school in East Lansing funded by taxpayers, seems to be the latest location for this offense.

The Associated Students of MSU’s finance committee scrapped a proposal to install flagpoles with the American and Spartan flags in residential areas of the campus by a vote of 9-2 despite widespread support, as Campus Reform originally reported.

The bill, introduced by MSU state senator Sergei Kelley, would have allowed the installation of five additional flagpoles displaying both the American and Spartan flags, at a cost of $12,000.

Though a survey of MSU students revealed broad support for the idea, some student senators expressed concerns the American flag was not inclusive enough –– suggesting instead the installation of additional flags for international and LGBT students, according to the article.

“I just wanted to say that I would like to see this idea of all the flags, and I wanted to add to that that I think that we should [add] all the queer community flags — there’s about 70 — and I mean, like, even the heterosexual one for all you guys,” a former ASMSU representative, Olivia Brenner, said during a student government meeting, according to an audio recording obtained by Campus Reform. – READ MORE

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