Oklahoma Governor Goes Against Gun Owners, Rules Against New Constitutional Carry Law


A Republican governor in a fairly red state just rebuked the National Rifle Association and countless gun owning citizens. Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma has vetoed a so-called “constitutional carry” bill that would have made it easier for law-abiding residents to defend themselves.

On Friday, Fallin declared that she would not be signing the bill which was heavily backed by the NRA. She claimed to still be a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, but sided with concerns raised by state law enforcement officials and many business owners.

“I believe the firearms laws we currently have in place are effective, appropriate and minimal,” Fallin stated, according to The Associated Press.

State lawmakers who represent the actual citizens, however, apparently disagreed. Legislators and gun rights advocates alike backed the measure, which is similar to laws that already exist in several states.

“Republican voters believe in the Second Amendment and they believe they should be able to exercise that right with as little interference from the government as possible,” explained Republican political strategist Trebor Worthen. “Especially in more rural areas.”

If the bill had been signed into law, it would have made it legal for adults over the age of 21 to carry a handgun either open or concealed without needing a state permit. Existing requirements for purchasing and possessing a firearm would still have applied, and it would be illegal for a felon to go armed. – READ MORE

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