Ohio Steel Mill, Idled from Free Trade, to Reopen Thanks to Trump’s Tariffs


An Ohio Steel Mill, Forced Into Closure By Free Trade And Imports, Is Reopening This Year Thanks To President Donald Trump’s 25 Percent Tariff On Foreign Steel Imports.

Republic Steel executives told Cleveland.com that the rolling steel mill is set to reopen in Lorain, Ohio, with 60 employees being initially hired to restart production.

“Over 60 employees have been hired and completed training, and the mill has undergone a complete refurbishment,” executives said in a statement. “We have successfully run internal production trials, and now anticipate receiving sufficient orders to support moving to a production mode in the 2nd Quarter of this year.”

The United Steelworkers union, which represents the steel mill’s laid off American steelworkers, said they are looking forward to working with Republic Steel to reopen the facility, but officials said they have to be officially informed by the company of the reopening. – READ MORE

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