Ohio Gubernatorial Candidate Mike DeWine Voted Nearly 15 Times to Legalize Millions of Illegal Aliens


The Leading Gubernatorial Candidate In The Ohio Governor’s Race, Attorney General Mike Dewine, Voted Nearly 15 Times To Give Amnesty To The Majority Of The 12 To 30 Million Illegal Aliens Living In The United States.

DeWine, who is being challenged by conservative Mary Taylor, serves as an Ohio Congressman and Senator throughout the 1990s and 2000s before becoming attorney general and now running for governor.

During his congressional tenure, DeWine voted to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens 14 times, as NumbersUSA notes. Between 2005 and 2006, alone, DeWine voted six times to give amnesty to illegal aliens.

In one vote for amnesty, DeWine supported an effort to give amnesty to at least three million illegal alien agricultural workers, a plan that would have immediately depressed wages for American farm workers. – READ MORE

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