OBNOXIOUS: Female Journalist Asserts White Women Use Their Tears To Escape Accountability


A female journalist, writing in The Guardian, states that white women use their “tearful displays” as “a form of emotional and psychological violence” in order to escape accountability for their supposed racist actions.

Ruby Hamad, a PhD candidate at the University of New South Wales, asserts “’women of colour’ are getting louder and more influential is a testament less to the accommodations made by the dominant white culture and more to their own grit in a society that implicitly – and sometimes explicitly – wants them to fail.”

Hamad quotes various women who claim white women utilized their tears in this cynical way: the editor of Djed Press, Hella Ibrahim, complaining that at a panel on diversity, when a white woman asked the panelists “what they think they have to gain” by insulting people who “want to read their stories,” Ibrahim was piqued. Ibrahim wrote, “I walked out of that panel frustrated. Because yet again, a good convo was derailed, white people centred themselves, and a POC panel was told to police it’s [sic] tone to make their message palatable to a white audience.”

Hamad pontificates, “Trauma assails brown and black women from all directions … there is a type of trauma inflicted on women of colour that many of us find among the hardest to disclose, the one that few seem willing to admit really happens because it is so thoroughly normalised most people refuse to see it … it is the trauma caused by the tactic many white women employ to muster sympathy and avoid accountability, by turning the tables and accusing their accuser.” READ MORE

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