Obama’s betrayal of Israel is an act of diplomatic war

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The applause in the Security Council room Friday was directed at Samantha Power, the American ambassador who declined to veto an anti-Israeli resolution, an act of diplomatic warfare against the Jewish state.

The three-page text, now part of international law, can hurt all Israeli citizens and institutions. It will also likely harm any hope of renewal of peace talks between Israeli and Palestinians.

And America’s loss of global leadership — don’t even get me started.

Consider: Egypt, the Arab member of the Security Council, circulated the resolution’s draft Wednesday night. Then President-elect Donald Trump issued a statement calling on the US to veto it. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke with Trump and with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Sisi called Trump, who leaned on him to withdraw the resolution. Sisi agreed. – READ MORE

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