Obamacare Outreach Funding To Be Slashed


The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced Thursday it will cut funding to ObamaCare enrollment outreach, The Hill reported.

HHS told reporters on a conference call that funding for advertising and other outreach for Affordable Care Act enrollment will be slashed from last year’s budget of $100 million to $10 million this year.

“A health-care system that has caused premiums to double and left nearly half of our counties with only one coverage option is not working,” HHS spokeswoman Caitlin Oakley said. “The Trump administration is determined to serve the American people instead of trying to sell them a bad deal.”

A portion of the money will be spent on enrolling people to sign up for healthcare plans under Obamacare, despite the administration’s position to repeal the law all together.

However, officials announced that funding for “navigators,” third party organizations that assist individuals in their Obamacare enrollment, will be cut by 41 percent, reducing the cost to $36.8 million.

Funding for navigators, according to The Hill, will be calculated relative to how well navigators met their enrollment goals the prior year. If an organization enrolled 65 percent more than their target, they will receive 65 percent of the funding.

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