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Obamacare, and What (Else) Is Leading Americans to Revolt


What is wrong in health care reflects what is wrong with our relationship with government as a whole in America today.  What is currently in place with Obamacare is a network of government and business elites administering a bloated bureaucracy divvying up dollars we don’t have and giving lip service to “helping out the middle-class” by indirectly bankrupting them.

There is an added anchor dragging the health care system down, just like the economy as a whole, caused by the cost of an undocumented alien population and their need for care.  On top of all this is a “legal lotto” justice system that lurks in the background, pays little to no attention to the presumed legal contracts between the doctor and the patient, and has a vastly underappreciated cost, just as it does with our entire economy outside of health care.  It is no wonder we’ve become sick and tired of the establishment behind the system.

The Affordable Care Act has placed an estimated 247 new bureaucracies between our tax dollars and our health care.  K Street crony capitalists, being what they are, have moved in to capture easy dollars created by these new pay-for-play government entities.  The corruption in the system is made manifest by the real cost they add to administering our care with no added value. – READ MORE

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