Obama May Not Be Done with Israel

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Is President Obama finished with Israel yet? The United Nations’ anti-Israel resolution that the United States didn’t veto could simply be in lieu of a more far-reaching imposition of a Palestinian state — or it could be the trial run for the big one.

Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry sought a two-state peace deal that never materialized, but the administration’s public position has consistently been that the Israelis and Palestinians must reach their own agreement — not have one imposed by the international community. The pre-Christmas vote on U.N. Security Council Resolution 2334 condemns Israel’s settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and calls on the country to stop construction in land claimed by the Palestinians.

From Obama and Kerry’s point of view, concern about a pro-Israel Trump presidency might justify imposing the sought after two-state solution through the U.N.

Kerry denies news leaks that the U.S. government negotiated the resolution behind the scenes, and insists the administration had little knowledge before the vote was taken. What really matters is the swiftness on the proposal, voted on within a week of introduction by Egypt. Whether the Obama administration is behind this or not, there is time before Jan. 20 for the U.N. to take another vote — this time recognizing a Palestinian state — and for U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power to again abstain. – READ MORE

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