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Obama laments ‘fake news’ — to rape hoax peddler Rolling Stone


If the Democrats didn’t have chutzpah, they wouldn’t have anything at all.

President Obama gave an interview to Rolling Stone magazine and lamented the impact he believes so-called “fake news” had on the presidential election.

According to Rolling Stone, Obama said:

One of the challenges that we’ve been talking about now is the way social media and the Internet have changed what people receive as news. I was just talking to my political director, David Simas. He was looking at his Facebook page and some links from high school friends of his, some of whom were now passing around crazy stuff about, you know, Obama has banned the Pledge of Allegiance.

“This is not simply an economic issue,” Obama added. “This is a cultural issue. And a communications issue.”

He made this statement to one of a few news organizations that can actually say it has had a monetary judgement leveled against it for peddling fake news. – READ MORE

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