Obama Attempts To Spin Iran Deal’s Obvious Failure As Trump’s Fault

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The only people who might be surprised by Iran’s actions are Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, their fiction writer-turned-national security expert Ben Rhodes, and their “compadres” at Vox and The New York Times. But even this strains credulity.

The only thing that’s truly somewhat surprising is Iran’s decision to do all this before Obama’s term is over. Many thought the Ayatollah would wait until Trump took office to make this move. For Obama, despite what he might say, this is surely a disappointment. To have his signature foreign policy achievement fail while he’s still in office tarnishes his legacy.

But Obama may yet be able to blame this on Trump. He will argue that, despite this being done under Obama’s watch, Iran is reacting out of fear of the incoming Trump administration. Because the enrichment levels of the development aren’t yet known, Obama can claim that everything is going along swimmingly. If Iran chooses to enrich above the allowed level during Trump’s presidency, well, that’s on Trump. – READ MORE

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