Obama Aide Ben Rhodes To Testify On ‘Unmasking’ Before Intel Committee


Ben Rhodes, formerly Barack Obama’s deputy national security adviser, is set to testify Wednesday before the House Permanent Select Intelligence Committee, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

The committee identified Rhodes as a “person of interest” in the growing “unmasking”scandal in which top Obama officials spied on Trump campaign aides and transition to track their contacts with foreign government leaders, TheDCNF reported in August. Rhodes will testify about the unmasking Wednesday, a source from the committee told TheDCNF.

In one instance, Obama aides unmasked Trump transition officials who were meeting privately in New York with the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates last December. The meeting was so hush-hush the head of state did not notify the Obama White House he was traveling to the United States, which is the customary for foreign leaders.

Rhodes, along with Obama’s national security advisor Susan Rice, has been linked to an overall effort to “unmask” Trump campaign aides and transition officials who had legal contacts with diplomats and other foreign government officials.

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